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A life long interest in design has led me to one cornerstone conclusion: a space truly becomes yours’ only when it captures your essence and is designed to meet your specific needs: a feeling of ‘belonging there.’

The Skinny Girl Brand is known for clever use of colors and textures to create a look that beckons you. Subtle lighting and natural flow patterns to energize a work force. Unique finishes and our designer’s background in high-end boutique design creates a style that doesn’t get old.

Ramonda, our chief designer, has come to appreciate this fact through her years of design background. In reality every space serves a purpose. What is it in your case ? A home where you need to be recharged ? Surrounded by peace and subtle fun? Or an office that needs a sense of unity and camaraderie ? Good communication flowing from a clever use of your furniture and lighting. In both commercial as well as home design we have seen that the basic human need is to feel a sense of belonging as well as empowerment from their surroundings. “I love it here,” is the way you should feel.

chief designer

From her using matchboxes to create doll homes as a child to getting highest honor in her interior design degree, a subsequent career in award winning design firms in the United States (Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Montanna & Associates).

E.g. on NBA star, Vince Carter’s 40,000 sq. ft. home in Florida, U.S.A. to local design companies, she has evolved.

Coming to understand that design is more than pretty colors and clever lighting but what’s at the heart is the art of correctly ascertaining her client’s at the heart is the art of correctly ascertaining her client intimate knowledge of local as well as exotic finishings and furnishings results in a uniqueness that belongs to you alone at a price that stays within your budget.

On that rich footing, she has refined her beliefs as to what Singapore and expat clients should have access to. She believes that, given the space and cost restrictions locally, good design has to really step up and provide a strong and unique experience. Demanding constraints require creative, intelligent solutions.

Ramonda brings her natural creativity, appreciation for beauty, ample experience and drive to a market in need of real solutions combined with a desire to see her projects all the way through. The decision to keep her design firm small means that every project is hands-on, providing creativity and maintaining quality to the end.

Our boutique approach of handling a limited number of customers a year is essential in allowing time for the creative process to work on every individual client. Our referral base comes from the care we show with every individual. You’re unique, so we can leave the cookie cutters at home. Attention to detail, original design concept, budget and a flair for making your space stand out are all part of delivering a product that is beautiful, elegant and efficient.

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We’ve worked as such in many nice neighborhoods on the island (Sentosa Cove, Cairnhill, Newton, etc).

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