Productivity, budget, user friendly. These are primary concerns in a commercial interior design fit out. An office frequently needs balance in usage, flow and a feeling of unity among the staff. Your renovation can be much more than simply hanging lights and painting the walls. In all honesty, we spend a lot of time at work: let’s make the most of it.

Board Room The fresh perspective board room gives the vibe to generate great ideas, to be in sync to bring about the of the company.
Bar Design A well represented renovation is obvious the moment your customers and staff enter the space.
Restaurant Simple classy booth seats with earthy backdrop allows your patrons to relax and be themselves.
Office Lounge Well contrasted brain-storming corner encourages your team to be creative and innovative.
Gym In the gym, mirrors give the illusion of extra space. Well-positioned lighting lets your members to check out their gains.
Cafe Simplicity coupled 3D decorative lightings add a light edge to the cafe.
Boutique Using lines on the floor and false ceiling to direct your customers to browse at ease.
Office Building Lobby You have to make a statement and inspire confidence. We play with natural materials and create interest with mirror and lighting.
Office Being a minimalist does not have to be boring. We can create interest on the floor for hot desking area.
Retail Space A cool space can be cosy by using wood material and the right light output.
Waiting Area Spruce up the sitting area. Make it fun with interesting carpet pattern and comfortable yet elegant seats.
Bar Creating an inviting open bar can be fun by using contrasting but complementary furniture. The right light fixtures finishes off the ambience.
Spa Lounge Spoil your guests by creating an ambience after their spa experience. Make them want to visit you again and repeat the good experience.
Reception How does your company stand out? Back lit onyx slab to gives out warmth and make the first impression welcoming.
Hotel Lobby We make an otherwise walking area intriguing by making not just the flooring welcoming but the ceiling design is equally important.
Boutique Well thought out space requires forethought and good planning so your guests can browse your products with ease.
Small Office Love black and white in your office? Make sure it is balanced and the lines are clean to create a flawless look.
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