Who are you? What are your needs? Here in Singapore, there’s not much free space floating around. We need to squeeze every drop of space we can in our renovation. A stressful lifestyle means that your renovation needs to produce a home that really hits you in the heart, fulfilling exactly what you need in order to recharge and face the day ahead.

Kitchen Dazzle the work space with a feature stone element to make it pleasant for your family and friends to gather while you prepare their favorites
Bedroom The use of right texture and colors exudes coziness and makes the bedroom a place for rest and retreat.
Foyer Repeated contrasting colors direct the eyes, adding intrigue to your personal haven.
Lounge & Entertainment Clever use of lines and patterns make a home lounge and entertainment space inviting and welcoming.
Living Room Accent furniture and art makes a plain space stand out and become an intimate area to get to know each other living room.
Penthouse The simple yet elegant wall feature makes a penthouse high ceiling looks less intimidating. Eyes are drawn to the earthy elements for human comfort.
Home theatre Modern and textural flooring with fabric acoustic panels make the home theatre welcoming ; thus enhancing family time.
Living Room Even if your space is not large. We play with beautiful soft yet lasting fabric on the sofa with contrasting throw pillows. Coupled with the right light fixtures and some accent pieces to keep the living room comfortable for everyone.
Headboard Often this is neglected. You spend some time on the bed before you go to bed. Make it an elegant support to beautify your sanctuary.
Foyer Make your entrance inviting and welcoming. It does not have to be complicated. Keep it simple yet elegant.
Living Room Even if you love just white. Let's make it interesting with a feature wall. It makes a space cosy while your guests are enjoying one another's company.
Custom Made Chair Make a statement at the Foyer with custom made chair using not just an interesting fabric print but also the complementary finish.
Living Room Architectural details add interest in a space. Instead of just having a staircase, why not make a statement using the right materials to make it stand out.
Kitchen A feature wall does not have to be standard tempered glass. Tiles bring warmth and light under cabinet brings a different effect to your creative area.
Dining Area Window treatment play an important part in making a space warm and inviting. We custom made window treatment suitable for the style of your home.
Dining Area If simplicity is important to you. Keep the furniture lines clean. Do not afraid to bring in some curve to break the otherwise boring straight lines.
Decoration Do not forget the importance of accessories in a space. It is the finishing touch to an amazing space.
Lounge Area Make your conversation lasts longer by creating the ambience. We love using natural feature wall and lighting to make this possible.
Living Room We know how to create a formal space by paying attention to not just the four walls but also the floor and the ceiling design. It makes a big difference.
Bedroom Right carpeting, interesting cool looking feature wall, black glass wardrobe makes you feel pamper when you are ready to retire into your personal space.
Bathroom We make sure to balance a space with the right elements to create a human friendly environment.
Kitchen Monotonous color scheme makes a space cool to work in.
Decoration Using the appropriate pattern fabric for throw pillows against a classic fabric sofa makes it stand out.
Bathroom We love to create interesting floor design to make a space stands out.
Modern Kitchen Wood floor, white cabinet, stone countertop make a space modern and inviting.
Breakfast Nook Add some details to make your home warmth. It does not have to look the house next door.
Bathroom Using the right scale tiles make your bathroom a special place for you to relax and chill.
Kitchen Black, white, stainless steel - what a pleasant way to bring the trio into your kitchen if you love industrial look.
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