Yacht Interiors


Remodelling a pleasure craft or buying one? A great interior design will add greatly to your enjoyment of your purchase. For a fraction of the cost, ensure that your time on the water is everything you need.

Yacht interior design is the finishing touch to your luxurious lifestyle. Whether you are new yacht owner or you want to refurbish your yacht, you can trust us to work for you with our sensible interior design background.

We believe the interior design in the yacht should be both functional and pleasing to the eye and soul. After all, your nautical experience should be heightened in the ocean.

While you prepare to spend serious money on your yacht, do not neglect the comfort of the interiors. We, at Skinny Girl Design, take into consideration your style and choose fabrics, finishes and suggest accessories and lighting to complete the yacht ownership experience. Carpentry and fit out experience in marine environments are essential to a lasting result.

Why let the a dealer rush you into selecting the interior finishes with just an uninspiring outcome? Hire us to complete the finishing touches in your yacht so you can enjoy both the boating experience while pampering yourself and those in your boat with a truly beautiful and cosy interior.

Whether you have a Baglietto, Ferrentti, Fincantieri, we can help you to pull all the elements together making your space a comfortable, cosy floating home on the beautiful ocean.

At Skinny Girl Design, we can help as we work with vendors who are like ourselves, passionate about selecting the right combination materials and finishes for your boat to bring out the gracefulness of the interior.

01 Consultation

Who are you? A family man, an entertainer? Or maybe you love to fish but your wife…well…maybe she has other views. Knowing your taste and the usage you have planned for your craft goes a long way in selecting durable, lasting finishes and accessories. Let us help you make a good decision.

02 Styling / Staging

Selling a craft? Going to a show? Let us help you add those touches that pull people into the space and fill them with the sense of invitation, calling to them to get involved. With our knowledge of the pleasure craft world and appropriate, highly skilled vendors, Your vessel will look top notch.

03 Refurbishing

Close quarters and the sea’s strength mean your selections have to meet various needs. For example, some clients go to sea almost every weekend, walking through the cabins frequently, brushing against the fabrics every time. Isn’t it nice when the finishings you’ve chosen hold up under the wear? Beautiful and no fuss, our carpenters and upholsterers will take care of you. Makes quite a difference in the journey!

Yacht Refit


Material Selection & Design Execution

We have to take into account the fact that exposure to sun, wind and sea will greatly affect performance. Proper sourcing and attention to construction methods are critical as this is truly an investment that needs, not only to last, but last beautifully. Cabinetry, for example, must be constructed correctly throughout as dampness and sun can be merciless in a marine environment. Fabrics need to be of the highest standard too. After all, you want to have fun.

Yacht Refurbishing


Weight & Balance

Weight and balance are also needed concepts. Tradesmen who are adept at using quality materials so as to create quality with an eye to the constraints of the space are needed. Their knowledge can help designer and customer alike make sound decisions. We have several consultants among marine carpenters and finishers so that the final decision is a good decision. Whether entertaining, enjoying or enriching the value of your craft, we are here to help you.

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